3commaDigital is a team of experienced, growth-minded digital marketers, committed to helping clients acquire and retain customers profitably.
Our founders combine for over 40 years of experience bringing digital marketing initiatives to life; from concept and strategy through execution, management, and analysis. 

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“The 3commaDigital team helped us significantly in scaling our volume on Facebook and Twitter ads while maintaining the same or better CPAs.”

Merlin Kauffman - CEO, Soothe

“After 9 months of working with 3commaDigital, we went from $100k in monthly revenue to generating close to $1MM a month from our website! we were definitely very impressed.”

Peter Mouritz - Brand Manager, Hint Water

“Derin, Andrew, and Daniel were instrumental in helping take JewelScent to $2MM/month 18 months from launch. They are an amazing team!”
Jay Cheng - CEO, JewelScent

 Meet the Team
Chief Executive Officer

As CEO and founding partner of 3commaDigital, Derin envisions the creation of a different kind of agency, one which is more closely-aligned to the client.

For over 15 years, Derin has developed profitable consumer growth strategies for brands like Hint Water, University of Phoenix, NordicTrack, and several others.  He has also co-founded and managed a number of digital companies, including JewelScent, TargetClose, and Revenue Republic.  At Vantage Media, he doubled his department’s annual revenue within 12 months.

Head of Customer Acquisition

As Head of Customer Acquisition and founding partner, Michelle plays a strategic role in the oversight, development and optimization of all client customer acquisition campaigns.

Michelle's background is in performance marketing and has over ten years experience incorporating quantitative and qualitative skills to conceptualize and execute marketing initiatives for B2B and B2C companies. Prior to 3commaDigital, Michelle was Director of Integrated Marketing for Vinson Litigation Finance where she oversaw all traditional and digital marketing.


Head of Customer Retention
As Head of Customer Retention and founding partner, Andrew plays a critical role in the development and management of client customer retention campaigns.
Andrew is a digital native with a decade of experience in performance marketing and analytics. Previous to 3commaDigital, Andrew was the Director of Marketing and Analytics for JewelScent where he oversaw all planning and execution of strategic marketing campaigns across Affiliate, Email, Search and Social Channels.

Chief Operating Officer
As COO and founding partner, Daniel’s hands-on approach to streamlining operational processes produces lean, measurable business growth.

A seasoned executive with more than two decades’ experience, Daniel’s recent stint as COO and President of Direct Sales at JewelScent helped fast track revenue growth from $0-$2MM per month in 18 months. In his previous role as CEO, he led Guy and Eva to a revenue increase of 113%.

Customer-centric: Data-driven:  Results-oriented.

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